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A Guide to Different Warehouse Types

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    Whether running a brick-and-mortar or digital storefront, many businesses handle such a quantity of products and supplies that they need a dedicated warehouse for storage. Yet all warehouses are not equal, and your business may require a public, private, bonded, or another type, depending on its circumstances. Turn to a reliable warehouse renting company for support and guidance in this process as well as insights into pricing and accessibility.

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    Below, we review the different types of warehouses available:


    First, no matter the kind of warehouse you or your organization ultimately choose, ensure that the premises incorporate some general characteristics:

    • Safety and security
    • An experienced and responsive staff
    • Proximity to your office and markets
    • Convenient access to contents
    • Appropriate mechanical tools and implements
    • An interior suited to your stored belongings
    • Emergency protocols and preparedness

    With these qualities in mind, you can begin exploring the different types. Public warehouses, for instance, are owned by government entities and leased out to private organizations. Although they usually have less advanced technology than private facilities, they come at affordable rates and offer excellent accessibility. Renting warehouse space through public bodies works well for small businesses or start-ups storing items over short periods.


    As their label implies, private warehouses are owned by individuals or organizations, such as wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers. Successful retailers and marketplaces also often purchase private warehousing for their products. Although a hefty warehouse renting price may put this option out of reach for small businesses, such spaces work well for significant, long-term storage and shipping options, plus comprehensive amenities and security.


    Bonded warehouses can store imported goods before companies pay duties on those goods. Indeed, they can hold off on pay duties until removing the items from the warehouse, and that waiting period can extend for relatively long stretches. This option helps defray the warehouse renting cost and can help growing businesses expand into new markets.


    Rather than rely on human management (and suffer its occasional hiccups), smart warehouses leverage AI capabilities for storage, fulfillment, and oversight. If this option seems too impersonal for comfort, remember that some tech-savvy corporations like Amazon already rely on smart warehouses to fulfill product orders.


    Individuals and organizations looking for economical options besides public warehouses might explore consolidated ones. This variety can hold shipments from numerous suppliers, group them, and send them to buyers in the same geographical region. While this limitation may make consolidated warehousing unsuitable for some organizations, it’s an effective cost-saving measure.


    warehouse renting in Virginia

    A final type of warehouse to consider is a cooperative. As with farming or winery cooperatives, many individuals and organizations co-own the warehouse. Although users need not be a part of the organization to rent space, those who are will receive reduced rates. Cooperative warehousing works well for organizations that use the same structure.

    Warehouse Renting Support Available for Virginia Business Owners!

    Organizations and individuals that need storage space for belongings and products can choose from numerous options. But to ensure they find the best option, they can turn to a commercial real estate service provider for warehouse renting support in Virginia. The Genau Group offers such services, complemented by first-hand expertise and extensive connections in the region. For more information on how you can use commercial brokerage services, call us at (202) 735-5382.