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Our Approach

Our approach is methodical, deliberate, and thorough: We start by listening to our clients. We take the time to fully understand their business, their balance sheet, and their short and long term strategic plan, from both management and finance.

Once we have a complete understanding of our client and our client’s needs, we will present a strategy. We will then survey and search the commercial real estate market. We will present all the options for our client’s review. To simplify the process, we will make a short list of recommended options that may be best suited for our client’s needs.

The Genau Group avoids conflicts of interest. We work only with a preferred book of long term clients who share the same core value system and moral framework. We will never work for a Landlord, a Property Manager, or a Building Owner interested in leasing space to our clients.

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We start by listening to you and taking the time to fully understand their business, balance sheet, and long-term managerial and financial strategic plan.

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We present a strategy that will work with both your short-term and long-term needs.

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We survey and search the commercial real estate market, gathering multiple options for your review.

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We present all options to you. To simplify the process, we make a short list of recommended options that may be best suited for your needs.

Meet The Genau Group

Every business is defined by its team. Our team is managed by real estate advisors with more than 100 years of collective real estate experience and knowledge. We are the only commercial real estate company in Washington DC in which the founding members were all born in Washington DC proper and have been here since birth. Additionally, we have backgrounds not just in real estate, but also in accounting and finance. We have been business consultants, business managers, public accountants, and independent auditors. Our backgrounds are in Business Administration and we hold advanced degrees to this end. Our client experiences range from start-up clients looking for small, short term space, to large, thirty-five-year-old international organizations with offices in more than 30 countries, and annual operating budgets exceeding fifty million dollars. No matter the size of the client, our client is always the Tenant – never the Landlord. And every Tenant deserves a great deal.

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Helpful Tip

When you research the other commercial real estate companies, make sure you fully critique the management team’s background and make sure the individuals who are assigned to you are properly qualified. Make sure you know what they studied in college and what they did to warrant their claim of business acumen.

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