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McLean, VA, commercial real estate agent

What to Look for in a Commercial Real Estate Agent

Commercial real estate decisions come with lofty fees, long-term commitments, and little room for amateur mistakes. Whether you plan to buy, sell, lease, or otherwise, ...
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Alexandria, VA, buying commercial property

How to Find the Right Property for Your Business

Finding the perfect property for your business ensures future growth and success. Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or a first-time commercial real estate investor, ...
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Falls Church, VA, lease a commercial space

Everything Small Businesses Need to Know About Commercial Real Estate

When small businesses grow from an idea to a brick-and-mortar institution, owners face the dilemma of leasing a commercial space. Though your business may thrive ...
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Washington, DC, commercial real estate

5 Reasons You Need a Commercial Real Estate Broker

No matter your motivation for doing so, purchasing commercial real estate is a game-changing investment. It can add a dynamic and promising resource to your ...
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share office space in Dulles VA

5 Tips to Consider While Planning Your Office Space

Influencing employee productivity, company visibility, and more, your commercial real estate is key to attaining your business goals. Yet to choose the perfect space, you ...
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Springfield, VA, office sublease

Tips from The Genau Group on How to Sublease an Office Space

Just as some homeowners rent out spare rooms, businesses can enjoy the financial benefits of sharing their space by drawing up an office sublease agreement. ...
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Silver Spring, MD, restaurants lease

The Complete Guide to Leasing a Restaurant Space

The hospitality and restaurant industry can be a fickle place. Everything from customers’ whims to national events can affect its success, which means new owners ...
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office real estate in Fort Myer, VA

How Engaging a Broker Can Help You Get the Best Office Real Estate Deal

Your business deserves a space to thrive and grow, but the commercial real estate landscape is challenging to navigate alone. Whether you’re looking for additional ...
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Fairfax, VA, buying a commercial property

3 Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Commercial Property

The benefits of purchasing commercial real estate are numerous: tax advantages, high profitability, growth potential, and more. However, identifying an ideal opportunity within this market ...
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lease office space in Chevy Chase, MD

How to Find the Best Office Space for Your Business Needs

Occupying a well-suited office space is among the most critical aspects of running a successful business. It provides a professional setting for work, meeting clients, ...
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commercial broker in Dulles, VA

Why You Need a Broker for a Commercial Real Estate Transaction

Choosing a commercial space for your business is usually a complex undertaking that entails time, energy, and industry knowledge. You must find available locations, stay ...
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Washington, DC, commercial real estate jobs

What’s Your Dream Commercial Real Estate Job?

The commercial real estate industry currently employs around 4 million Americans. Despite shake-ups caused by the pandemic and an uncertain economy, this market remains a ...
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commercial real estate agent in Maryland

How to Find the Right Commercial Real Estate Agent

Commercial real estate is a unique industry with many potential benefits that presents unusual challenges. For example, its relatively slow flow of accurate and timely ...
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commercial real estate in Arlington, VA

The Benefits of Commercial Real Estate Investing

Commercial real estate investments can provide lucrative personal and financial perks. For instance, some people seek long-term financial stability and wealth, while others explore earning ...
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Virginia warehouse renting

A Guide to Different Warehouse Types

Whether running a brick-and-mortar or digital storefront, many businesses handle such a quantity of products and supplies that they need a dedicated warehouse for storage. ...
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Renting a warehouse in Northern Virginia

What to Look for When Leasing a Warehouse

Leasing a warehouse is a significant investment that certainly impacts the success of your business. Therefore, renting warehouse space can be daunting, especially for first-time ...
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What to Know Before Choosing a Medical and Dental Office Space geanu group1 | Commercial Real Estate Services From The Genau Group

What to Know Before Choosing a Medical and Dental Office Space

Choosing a medical and dental office space is a crucial step in ensuring that your clients will get the best space for their needs. There ...
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Tips for Young and Upcoming Real Estate Agents building image | Commercial Real Estate Services From The Genau Group

Tips for Young and Upcoming Real Estate Agents

Beginning a career as a young real estate agent is an exciting yet challenging time. Between pre-licensing courses, picking the right brokerage for you, and ...
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Tips for success as a realtor genau group 1 | Commercial Real Estate Services From The Genau Group

5 Tips for Success as a Real Estate Agent

Starting a career in real estate may be overwhelming at first. Between studying for licensing exams, choosing your specialty within real estate, and learning how ...
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lease agreement 2 | Commercial Real Estate Services From The Genau Group

Everything You Should Know About Reducing Office Lease Liability

The understanding of lease liability is a crucial point in signing a lease. Lease liability is an obligation to make payments on your lease in ...
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commercial property maintenance personnel working on the HVAC system in an office setting

Everything You Should Know About Commercial Property Maintenance

Property maintenance is an essential part of keeping any commercial building in excellent condition. Failure to maintain the unit could leave it looking shabby or ...
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a new-looking empty medical office with examination equipment

10 Questions You Must Ask When Leasing a Medical Office

Leasing a new medical office is a significant decision for your practice. The space you end up renting will become synonymous with your practice, so ...
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investor signing a document as he finalizes the process of buying commercial property

Buying Commercial Property: Your Step-by-Step Guide

Buying commercial property can be an excellent investment because the income opportunities are immense. The right deal can leave you with a valuable asset that ...
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a group of employees enjoying a work-life balance in the office by gathering for pizza

Changing Your Office Design to Create a Work-Life Balance

Employees all over the country are faced with deciding whether to work in the office or from home. The result is a growing demand for ...
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a business in the process of relocating, with supplies in boxes and chairs wrapped for the move.

8 Tips for Smoothly Relocating a Business

Relocating your company is a decision you won’t want to enter into lightly. You’ve probably put a lot of effort into establishing yourself at your ...
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building owner sitting at a desk with glasses filling out conditional use permit paperwork

What Every Investor Should Know About Getting a Conditional Use Permit

Investors can’t just do whatever they wish with the land they own. You can’t buy a residential lot, for example, and construct an office building ...
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An empty retail space, showing the need for a co-tenancy clause to protect small businesses.

What You Should Know About Co-Tenancy Clauses When Renting Retail Space

Change is a constant in life, but it can be your enemy if you’re running a retail operation. That’s why savvy retailers try to mitigate ...
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Two men put together a comparative lease analysis while looking for the ideal space for a business.

What You Should Know About Creating a Comparative Lease Analysis

Leasing the right commercial property can make or break a business, because there are many variables at play, including a lease analysis. You don’t want ...
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Calming blue paint with plants, artwork, and furniture highlight some good ideas for a dental office decorating approach.

A Complete Guide to Dental Office Decorating

Creating a dental office decorating plan is a great first step before you begin painting and buying the furniture you’ll require to complete the job. ...
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A modern design produces a light, attractive dental office waiting room.

7 Design Tips for Your Dental Office Waiting Room

Few people want to visit the dentist, because having someone poke around in your mouth is never a comfortable experience. It’s up to dentists to ...
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a business packing up and getting ready to undergo an office relocation

6 Items to Include on Your Office Relocation Checklist

Relocating your office is a significant job that could take months to finalize. There’s a lot of planning that goes into this move, and you’ll ...
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A modern office shows some examples of FF&E in commercial real estate.

Everything You Should Know About FF&E in Commercial Real Estate

Selecting and moving into a new commercial property takes a lot of work, particularly if you have to redesign and furnish the interior to match ...
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Patients fill a waiting room flooded with natural light, exemplifying good modern dental office layout.

5 Steps to a Better Dental Office Layout

Many people find a trip to the dentist to be a daunting and stressful experience. Modern dental practices that incorporate appealing contemporary designs into their ...
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An empty doctor’s office reveals a view of the practice’s medical office floor plan.

7 Factors to Consider Before Developing a Medical Office Floor Plan

Your medical office’s design and floor plan are crucial because they set the tone for the practice as a whole. The goal is to make ...
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members of a design team going over some office space planning blueprints

7 Office Space Planning Tips for Your Next Workplace

Your office space design is fundamental to your workplace because it creates an environment that employees find comfortable. Satisfied workers are generally more productive, so ...
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retail space for rent at Dulles Airport, DC

Tips to Help Tenants Successfully Lease Retail Space

Deciding to lease retail space for any business can feel overwhelming, but you can simplify this process by conducting comprehensive background research on the critical ...
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man looking at computer database created by commercial lease administration service

A Complete Guide to Commercial Lease Administration and Post-Occupancy Services

Signing a commercial lease is a milestone for any business, but the administrative work doesn’t stop there. The next step is commercial lease administration, which ...
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A businesswoman leaves an office lobby, which is a space usually subject to common-area maintenance charges

Understand Common-Area Maintenance Charges to Avoid Commercial Lease Errors

Anyone looking over a lease document for a commercial property is bound to come across charges that may be unfamiliar or confusing. Common-area maintenance charges ...
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two women standing at a desk while showing off the dental office design and furniture selection

7 Tips for Optimal Dental Office Design and Furniture Selection

Going to the dentist can bring patients a lot of stress. No one likes having another human being poke around in their mouth while using ...
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A person checks off a box on a project closeout checklist after completing a task at work.

Creating a Successful Project Closeout Checklist

Every workplace project eventually comes to an end. Completion can seem like a far-off goal when you’re first getting started, but it quickly sneaks up ...
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Man signing an agreement after looking through the commercial lease insurance clauses.

5 Common Commercial Lease Insurance Clauses You Should Know About

A commercial lease is needed when a business rents a property from a landlord because it provides a legal framework for both parties. This document ...
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A computer user punches a calculator while on a laptop to calculate his commercial rent.

How to Calculate Fair Value of Commercial Rent (Commercial Lease Calculator)

For anyone moving locations or going into business for the first time, selecting the right commercial property is incredibly important to success. As you negotiate ...
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man working on a tablet over potential test fit plans

Why You Need a Test Fit Plan if You’re Moving or Opening a Medical Office

Narrowing your options when you’re in the market for a new medical office space can be tricky. Perhaps you’ve seen several spaces that you like ...
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A designer uses drafting tools to draw up a CRE office design that fits the project budget.

6 Tips for Maximizing Your Commercial Real Estate Project Budget

It is extremely rare that a commercial real estate space will give a business exactly what it wants without alterations, so companies frequently have to ...
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Commercial real estate agent discusses commercial lease rent abatement with three potential tenants.

6 Tips about Rent Abatement Provisions in Commercial Leases

Commercial leases are agreements between a landlord and tenant for a commercial property. They can be complicated because they contain many small clauses outlining the ...
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business owner doing office expansion

How to Know When it’s Time for an Office Expansion

Many small businesses will need an office expansion or two at some point. Several situations can lead to these situations, such as adding new employees, ...
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completing vendor selection using easy steps

5 Steps to Create a Vendor Selection Process

Many businesses and individuals in the real estate sector often rely on outside services. Building a network of local vendors creates stronger connections to the ...
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writing a commercial lease abstract

The Ultimate Guide to Commercial Lease Abstracts

Commercial real estate agreements are often hundreds of pages long, which is why having a commercial lease abstract at your disposal is a good idea. ...
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practical medical office design where a child is sitting on his father’s lap, giving a female doctor a high five.

Guide to Successfully Planning Your Medical Office Design and Layout

Visiting a doctor’s office can be an uncomfortable experience for patients but streamlining the medical office design and layout will ease some of their stress. ...
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getting security deposit refund from landlord

6 Steps to Get a Full Security Deposit Refund from Your Landlord (Commercial Real Estate)

Most commercial real estate renters in the U.S. pay a security deposit when they sign a new lease. This is a fixed amount of money, ...
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how to write a commercial lease letter of intent

6 Key Things to Include in a Commercial Lease Letter of Intent

A commercial lease letter of intent shows that you’re serious about leasing a property, but not necessarily on the landlord’s terms. The letter does not ...
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flexible office space design

How to Create and Design Flexible Office Space

The workplace concept is continually evolving, and flexible office spaces are becoming more common. The idea is that these offices include areas that can fill ...
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usable vs rentable square feet

A Commercial Property’s Rentable Square Feet vs. Usable Square Feet

The terms “rentable square feet” and “usable square feet” come up a lot when you’re looking to rent commercial space. Learning the difference between these ...
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signing commercial sublease agreement

5 Things To Know Before Signing A Commercial Sublease Agreement

A lot goes into negotiating a commercial sublease agreement, and it can often confuse even the most seasoned leaseholder. Commercial sublease agreements contain fine print ...
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how to renegotiate a commercial lease

How to Renegotiate a Commercial Lease to Get a Better Deal

Aside from saving funds, knowing how to renegotiate a lease can help you gain additional benefits. Negotiating a commercial lease can be tricky. Improper negotiation ...
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office renovation and planning

6 Budgeting Tips for Planning an Office Renovation

An office renovation can completely transform the look and feel of your operations. Making such improvements to a workplace may even allow for higher productivity ...
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restaurant space to lease in washington dc

How to Effectively Lease Restaurant Space in Washington, D.C.

Leasing restaurant space in the nation’s Capital can be an expensive and time-consuming process if you don’t have a guide. Owners may find themselves struggling ...
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creating a dental office floor plan

5 Elements of an Ideal Dental Office Floor Plan

Launching a new dental office requires a lot of research and money. Something as simple as your dental office floor plan can have a huge ...
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business owner negotiating commercial lease renewal

How to Negotiate a Commercial Lease Renewal

Running a business is generally costly and time-consuming, especially when you need to ensure that all the different facets of it are operating smoothly. Fortunately, ...
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commercial office fit out construction plan

How Does the Medical Office Fit-Out Construction Process Work?

Regardless of your type of business, it is important that you have an office space that fits the work you plan to do in it. ...
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commercial real estate portfolio in dc

Key Features of a Well-Rounded Commercial Real Estate Portfolio

Commercial and residential real estate are excellent investment opportunities for both beginner and seasoned investors, but the former may offer a better return on investments ...
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potential factors for warehouse cost

5 Warehouse Cost Factors to Consider When Renting One for Your Business

The importance of paying attention to your business’s finances cannot be understated. In many cases, a workable and realistic budget is the difference between a ...
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negotiation with landlord with rental concessions

What is a Rent Concession?

Empty commercial rental property is of no use to a landlord, but a rent concession bundle can help them attract great tenants. These offers — ...
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potential dc area for investing in commercial real estate

Complete Beginner’s Guide to Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Investing in commercial real estate can be extremely lucrative if the process is done right. Smart real estate purchases can result in consistent returns, growth ...
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office with green building certification

What is a Green Building Certification (and Does It Matter)?

Being an eco-friendly building isn’t just about recycling newspapers and aluminum cans. There are many ways to practice sustainability from the beginning of a construction ...
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dc skyline of commercial real estate

How to Calculate Net Absorption in Commercial Real Estate

Net absorption: what is it, how does it impact your real estate investments, and how should you calculate it? Commercial real estate is highly competitive, ...
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tenant using a tenant improvement allowance

Tenant Improvement Allowance 101: Your Guide to Understanding TIAs

If you plan on getting into the real estate investment game, you need to understand what goes into and is allowed under a tenant improvement ...
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office furniture selection with latest trends

How to Select the Perfect Furniture for Your Office

Office furniture plays a bigger role in getting a business up and running than many people think. Your employees need comfortable, ergonomic furniture in their ...
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two small business owners deciding on short-term commercial lease in office

5 Advantages of a Short-Term Commercial Lease

Short-term commercial leases are not always the norm, but have recently become the ideal option for many businesses. Issues arise from even the easiest leasing ...
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people coworking in shared office space

The Biggest Pros and Cons of Shared Office Space

Every business is different, and so are its needs. That’s why finding the perfect office is so important. Shared office space can be beneficial when ...
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business owner receiving help from commercial real estate broker

7 Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Real Estate Broker

When you’re looking for a new office building, warehouse, or another commercial space for your company, you might wonder if hiring a commercial real estate ...
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empty big office before subleasing office space

Subleasing Office Space: 6 Biggest Pros and Cons

Subleasing office space may not currently be on your radar, but the idea of selling or purchasing space may not be ideal for you amid ...
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unsigned commercial lease audit agreement

Why You Should Pursue a Commercial Lease Audit

If you’ve negotiated a solid lease agreement, you might not think you need to conduct a commercial lease audit. In a perfect world, maybe you ...
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satisfied medical practice owner after signing a medical office lease

Medical Office Leases: Questions to Ask Before Signing

Whether you’re expanding your medical practice or just moved to the Washington, D.C. area, finding the right medical office space to lease is essential. It’s ...
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wide shot of beautiful Washington dc

5 Key Commercial Real Estate Tips You Need to Know

The commercial real estate market can be extremely lucrative, but it is absolutely necessary to understand best practices to get ahead of the competition. No ...
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re-opening your office during covid-19

Guidelines for Re-Opening Your Office in D.C.

Let’s face it, 2020 has been a year like no other. With a worldwide pandemic spreading and new regulations, such as social distancing, being implemented, ...
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Modern office space with work stations with desktop computers and large LCD screens.

How to Determine the Amount of Office Space You Truly Need

Expanding your company is always an important part of any growing business. In order to do so, you have to take on the task of ...
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Office with natural white elements consistent with 2020 design trends.

9 Key Office Design Trends for 2021 and Beyond

Whether you’re moving to a new office or simply update your office space, you want to keep up with the latest office design trends. You ...
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Empty office about to be looked at while touring office spaces.

8 Most Important Questions to Ask While Touring an Office Space

Looking for a new office space is exciting because you get to spend a little time looking at commercial real estate and touring professional offices ...
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A large space available for rent after a commercial lease audit.

How to Conduct an In-Depth Commercial Lease Audit

A commercial lease is a significant jump for any business, and for landlords, it is a big payday. With commercial complexes, some costs are passed ...
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Close-up shot of a hand filling out a rental agreement for subletting office space.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Subletting Office Space

If you are not utilizing all your leased office space, consider subleasing the space you don’t need. Just like homeowners who rent out spare rooms, ...
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employees during office move

17 Critical Things To Do While Planning an Office Move

Moving offices can be an exciting and stressful time. When you’re planning an office move from one location to another, you have a lot of ...
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tenant representative closing deal

7 Practical Reasons You May Need Tenant Representation

When you’re looking for a new office or warehouse space, it can fun and exciting, while being stressful at the same time. You’ve probably only ...
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