Our Philosophy

Doing Things Differently

Many commercial real estate companies provide landlord representation as well as tenant representation. In many industries, this is illegal. However, in commercial real estate, it is still allowed. Nevertheless, The Genau Group views it as a conflict of interest and we avoid it.

Asking the Right Questions

How can we serve your interests and negotiate the best rental rate for you if we also represent the building, or if we also represent the building owner at another location, or if we are working alongside the building’s Landlord representative on other deals? 

The answer is; we can’t. So we don’t.  Is it possible to serve the needs and desires of the tenant AND the Landlord? The answer, unequivocally, is NO.

Our goal is to work for you, the tenant, and only for you. We will negotiate the best lease renewal or we will recommend you consider relocation options. And we will make independent, third-party recommendations based on the options available to you…not just from your landlord, but from the market as a whole.

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“We always adhere to the six common-law fiduciary duties to our clients: Care, Obedience, Loyalty, Disclosure, Accounting, and Confidentiality…these six duties are our cornerstone.”

— Genau Group Managing Partner Fletcher Gill

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Our Philosophy

Our long-term philosophy is to build a relationship with you that spans 3-5 transaction cycles. The Genau Group is happy to broker your first office lease, albeit a small, short-term, office lease, because we believe in your business and have confidence in the likelihood of your long-term success. We want to be here as you grow and expand and move from your first space to your second, and so on and so forth. If we can do right by you, then we can work with you for 40 years and broker 6 office deals for you. And therein lies the mutually beneficial relationship.

The Genau Group commits to you that we will do everything in our power to meet and exceed your expectations. We will broker a better deal for you. We will strive to be your lifetime broker. And we will strive to be the brokers that you recommend to other office tenants in and around Washington DC.

In order to foster this level of service and satisfaction, The Genau Group will assist with the ongoing management of your lease, will monitor the building’s pass-through expenses and real estate taxes, and keep you abreast of changes in the market and rental rate trends and vacancy trends for your building and submarket. When the time is right, we will assist with renegotiating your lease and creating several additional options for your review. Should you choose to relocate (because you are contracting, growing, or taking advantage of an opportunity to reduce your rent expense), we will be there, right by your side, to assist with brokerage, the build-out of your new space, the move coordination, and much more.

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