Interior Design,
Furniture Selection and Furniture Brokerage

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Interior Design, Furniture Selection and Furniture Brokerage

After spending loads of time scouting for the right commercial space and negotiating fair terms with the property owners, getting to sign the lease agreement is quite a rewarding experience. However, that is just the first step of the journey. The next step is to turn your new space into an office that meets your needs, boosts your brand image, and makes a clear statement about your brand.

When the keys are finally handed over to you, things can quickly get overwhelming when you start wondering what furniture piece should go where, which paint would work best, which items should you keep and which should you buy? Fortunately, The Genau Group can walk you through this chapter. After securing an amazing lease agreement, our commercial team works with you to get the best out of your space with our interior design solutions. Below are some of the commercial, interior design solutions we offer.

Interior Design That Meet Your Specific Needs

An ideal workspace goes beyond putting furniture in a room. Your office is a reflection of your company’s brand and values. Professionally done interior designs act as a powerful communication tool that expresses your personality, ethos, and brand image to your customers and employees alike. For employees who spend a considerable amount of time in the office, it is important to create personalized working spaces with interior designs that also match their personalities to promote happiness, morale, and loyalty. 

Interior designers at The Genau Group uphold that every office space should support productivity, inspire creativity, and encourage teamwork. As such, the team is dedicated to consulting with you to understand your business needs, conduct extensive research about your brand and intended operations, assess the space, and take measurements to help in developing and delivering interior designs that match with every aspect of your business. 

Furniture Selection and Brokerage

With Washington, D.C. gradually taking over as the booming hub for commerce, competition is high for businesses expanding operations and startups seeking talent. Having statement furniture in your workspace can make a huge difference. Since modern furniture takes different forms, knowing what to buy and where to buy it can be a challenge. Having Genau Group handle your furniture selection process gives you peace of mind to concentrate on getting your business up and running. 

Our team of professional architects and designers will not only match your furniture with your budget, but also ensure it matches the interior design theme, employees’ personal needs, and company brand. Whether looking for new or used furniture, the team will collect bids from different vendors; go to the field to inspect the quality of their materials and finishes then help you select the best provider with value for money on the purchase and installation costs. 

Sometimes, the office space you lease may be partially furnished, or you may have furniture from your previous space that you want to reuse. In such a situation, our designers will examine the existing furniture to determine reusability within the project, while balancing the aesthetics with your requirements. Should you wish to sell the furniture, our furniture brokerage services will help you dispose of the furniture or trade it in for new fittings. 

Project Management

Projects, whether pertaining to renovations of the entire office space or moving to a new building within the vibrant city, require detailed coordination and team collaboration at every level. By leveraging on the latest technology in project management, project managers coordinate every aspect of the project including logistics, installations, and constructions.

Our salespeople and support staff order other materials such as wall coverings, carpets, window treatments, and paint to guarantee project cohesion. We provide confidence and peace of mind by bringing the experience necessary to eliminate and resolve unforeseen issues that may arise in the project while ensuring every part of the project is in line with the terms of the lease agreement.

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Other Services

Consult a Professional Interior Designer

After finding the right office space, it is best to engage an experienced interior designer to achieve the ideal cohesive office space that promotes productivity and your office culture. By working with The Genau Group, you have unlimited access to an experienced team, technology, and experience you need to set up a functional working environment. Contact us today to create a workplace that is right for your business and thrive in a global business community.

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