Post Occupancy

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Post Occupancy Services

It can be challenging to find an office space that meets your business’s needs and budget in today’s highly competitive marketplace — especially without the right support. 

Fortunately, The Genau Group can help you negotiate the right price, get fair terms, navigate complex legal paperwork, and, most importantly, protect your company’s vested interests before and after you sign a lease agreement. Our representatives take care of all the hard work, giving you peace of mind and ample time to focus on your business plans. 

Our work doesn’t stop after helping you find the right space, either. We walk with you throughout your lease journey, ensuring that every concern and need is addressed and solved in a satisfactory way, and that’s just the beginning. 

Constant Support, Whenever You Need It

When you work with The Genau Group, you get access to a team of professionals who are ready to help whenever you need our assistance. During the post-occupancy phase, our experts will continuously track all critical dates, changes to the building, costs, and to your needs to ensure you have maximum flexibility during the life of the lease. Take a look at some of our post-occupancy services.

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Monitoring Critical Dates

Tracking key dates as they approach is absolutely important after leasing a space, but it’s easy to forget to do so when you have a business to run. The Genau Group team keeps an eye on all your important dates — lease expirations, open notice dates, rent adjustment dates, and much more — and informs you about them in advance to ensure nothing gets missed.
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Checking Changes to the Building

Our tenant representatives frequently check the condition of the building that you have leased. This process can add value to the negotiation, as it helps us identify issues we can raise to compel your landlords to make their best offers to keep you in their building.
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Monitoring Changes to Costs

The Genau Group team will keep you updated on any expected or unexpected cost changes that occur. If your lease agreement has included rent increases, for example, we will alert you when it’s supposed to happen to make sure you stay informed and aware. We also ensure you are not overpaying and that your landlord is not taking advantage of your relationship.
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Annual Lease Abstract Updates

We staff a team of highly experienced professionals who have strong legal knowledge and analytical abilities. They can accurately read, demystify, and summarize the terms and concepts of a lease to give you a better understanding of it and how it will impact your investments. We update that abstract annually to ensure it reflects any lease term changes that may have occurred.
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Other Services We Offer include:

We help our clients with every step of the process, including:

Talk to a Professional Tenant Representative

The Genau Group is in business to help you secure more favorable terms during lease negotiations, and to offer post-occupancy services so you have a smooth experience throughout the lease period. Contact us today to speak with our professional tenant representatives about all your Washington, D.C.-area commercial real estate needs!
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