What to Know Before Choosing a Medical and Dental Office Space

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    Choosing a medical and dental office space is a crucial step in ensuring that your clients will get the best space for their needs. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration before choosing a medical or dental office space.


    It’s important to look at your competitors to make sure that your location isn’t too close to another medical or dental space. It’s harder to attract new clientele when there are other offices close to your space. Your building should be distinct and stand out from competitors, which can be hard to do with similar medical and dental offices in close proximity.

    In addition, look at your competitors and find what aspects lead to their success in terms of their office space. You can use this knowledge to your advantage, to find the perfect space for your team and patients, along with a space that will be more desirable compared to your competitors.

    Traffic and Accessibility

    Traffic and accessibility are major factors that should be accounted for when choosing a medical and dental office space. If your building is on a busy road that is hard to navigate, in a highly congested area, and might not be easily accessible, then you might want to rethink choosing that space.

    Signs for your space should be visible and easy to read so that patients don’t spend too much time trying to find your office. It’s extremely frustrating spending a large chunk of time trying to navigate an unfamiliar building and trying to find which office is your destination.

    Ambulatory Access

    Any medical building should have ambulatory access for patients in case of a medical emergency. Ambulances should be able to easily pull up right in front of the entrance to any building to quickly move patients from the vehicle to a healthcare facility as needed. Time is extremely crucial during medical emergencies and time cannot be spent trying to navigate through a crowded parking lot.


    Size is another component that makes a medical and dental office space desirable. There should be enough space for a waiting room that can comfortably fit patients, room for a front desk, and space to stand around it, along with plenty of rooms for your medical or dental practice, with the potential for growth over the years. Not enough space, leading to a cramped office, will turn many patients away from your practice.

    Layout and Design

    The layout of your space should have the flexibility for expansion and change over the years. Medical and dental companies are always trying to gain new clients, therefore changes in layout and design will likely be needed over the years. Make sure to think ahead and plan for the future in terms of layout and design when choosing a medical and dental office space.


    Medical and dental facilities should have plenty of parking for their patients. Whether or not patients are visiting for a medical emergency, they should never have to spend a lot of time trying to find a parking spot. If possible, open parking lots without entry fees are most desirable because it makes the process of visiting a medical or dental facility much easier.

    Additional Questions? Ask the Experts!

    At The Genau Group, we have a specialized medical/dental tenant representation team, led by a dentist who owns multiple locations. Choosing a medical or dental office space can be challenging and we’re here to help make this process as stress-free as it can be. Contact us for more information or to schedule a free consultation today!