share office space in Dulles VA

5 Tips to Consider While Planning Your Office Space

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    Influencing employee productivity, company visibility, and more, your commercial real estate is key to attaining your business goals. Yet to choose the perfect space, you must consider your current and future needs, preferred location, and more. Indeed, commercial office space decisions can be complex, taking time and resources away from day-to-day operations. Whether you’re looking for a private or shared office space, turning to commercial real estate professionals ensures you attain the perfect space while allowing you to focus on your business. 

    Dulles, VA, businesses seeking top-notch commercial real estate services can look to The Genau Group. Our experienced team delivers comprehensive leasing and brokerage services to provide our clients with spaces that work for them. With extensive industry knowledge and a large professional network, our experts ensure you receive the best outcome possible. To learn more about our commercial real estate services, call (202) 735-5382 today!

    Below, we discuss tips to plan a successful office space:

    Establish Needs 

    Before you lease office space, you must identify your company’s needs. Why exactly is your company looking to lease new office space? Establishing a prioritized list of needs ensures you don’t encounter future issues with your space. A few things to consider are your number of employees, brand identity, and unique business operations. Then, decide how much space your business needs as well as what equipment and amenities should be included.

    Plan for the Future 

    Office leasing is a long-term investment that will impact your company for the foreseeable future. Therefore, take future goals and needs into consideration when choosing a location. For instance, if you forecast rapid growth, you may want to invest in a larger space than you need at the moment. That said, remember to stay realistic about your real estate budget and other constraints. 

    Choose the Proper Location 

    Your office’s location can impact stakeholder accessibility and work productivity, so put careful thought into it. Seek areas that have access to public transportation and sufficient parking. A commercial real estate broker can help you obtain a prime location through their valuable industry connections and access to off-market properties

    Design a Functional Layout 

    Consider your day-to-day operations, like which teams need easy access to equipment, which collaborate most often, and so on. To maximize efficiency, tailor a space to your operations. You must consider the most common and impactful interactions and prioritize accordingly. Creating a space that makes your operations easier can greatly improve productivity and employee experience

    Consider Culture

    share office space in Dulles VA

    Although functionality is most important, remember your company is unique and customize your space to suit your operations and culture. For example, you can promote a healthy work-life balance at the office by incorporating informal features such as quiet rooms or socialization areas. If your company values sustainability, incorporate energy-efficient lighting or a recycling system. 

    Shared Office Space Brokerage in Dulles, VA!

    From traditional to shared office space acquisition, trusting commercial real estate professionals can ensure the best possible outcome. Businesses in Dulles, VA, can rely on The Genau Group for such services. Our team understands the intricacies of commercial real estate and can help you receive the best deal possible in the area. When you work with us, we help you make the right office space decision that allows your business to thrive. To learn more about our commercial real estate services, call (202) 735-5382 today!