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5 Reasons You Need a Commercial Real Estate Broker

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    No matter your motivation for doing so, purchasing commercial real estate is a game-changing investment. It can add a dynamic and promising resource to your portfolio whether you lease it to others or move in yourself. Yet that makes hiring a commercial real estate broker all the more critical. Such a professional can supply you with industry knowledge, networking prowess, transaction representation, and more.

    Washington, DC, individuals and organizations that wish to make such an investment can contact The Genau Group. Our team is a homegrown operation composed of real estate advisors with more than 100 years of collective experience. We are dedicated to connecting clients with their ideal properties and tailor our services and strategies to the needs of every customer. Call (202) 735-5382 today to learn more about commercial real estate near you.

    Below, we describe the real estate broker’s role and why you must hire one for your efforts:

    What Does a Commercial Real Estate Broker Do?

    Understanding the importance of a broker to your transaction requires appreciating their job requirements. Similar to real estate agents, brokers assist property sellers and buyers. However, the main difference between a commercial real estate agent and a broker lies in the breadth of their responsibilities.

    Brokers ensure all property transactions are legal. They help clients complete all the necessary paperwork and financial details. Moreover, they have experience as agents and can complete all the same tasks, yet brokers generally oversee agents on a team. Review The Genau Group’s FAQs on commercial real estate for more details.

    Why You Should Hire a Commercial Real Estate Broker

    commercial real estate in Washington, DC

    1. Expertise

    Commercial real estate brokers are experts in their craft. They’ve risen among the ranks thanks to their successes in sales and networking. Moreover, a local broker has an intimate knowledge of their area. They can recognize what your business needs (high foot traffic, floor layout, etc.) and where you should look for properties. Plus, their experience with several types of businesses gives them well-rounded experience.

    1. Contacts and Connections

    Beyond expertise, a broker has an ear out for potential properties that non-professionals wouldn’t hear about. While many commercial real estate listings appear online, some remain under the radar or contained within professional circles. Your broker can attune to those conversations and ensure you reap their benefits.

    Furthermore, they may know property owners planning to sell or list assets but have yet to do so. Again, a broker’s knowledge of the situation could help you get in on an incredible property before others even start bidding for it.

    1. Caters to Needs

    Locating the best possible space for your business requires more than a well-connected professional. You also need a sympathetic, communicative, and honest individual who understands your organization’s needs. They should help you determine a general location, space requirements, and amenities to help with their search. The best contacts and knowledge cannot replace attentive customer service.

    1. Represents Your Interests

    Smart commercial brokers constantly network with other industry professionals to nurture relationships and build their reputations. Yet your broker also represents you as they network, speaking to lenders, lawyers, contractors, and others you may need.

    Additionally, your broker represents you throughout the legal aspects of a property purchase. Stacks of paperwork come with these decisions, yet your broker can wade through it to manage the details. They can also add or adjust policies as you believe necessary.

    1. Save Money on Your Purchase

    It may sound counterintuitive—hire a professional to save money. Yet consider what a broker brings to the table: connections, reputation, access, expertise. All these factors can help you get a better deal, less competitive prices, more accessible real estate, and more. Furthermore, property sellers and buyers generally divide broker fees, so you aren’t bearing the costs alone.

    Commercial Real Estate Experts Working throughout Washington, DC!

    Weathering the commercial real estate market alone can be overwhelming and fruitless. Yet Washington, DC, business owners and organizational leaders can turn to The Genau Group for brokerage services and representation. Our comprehensive, driven approach allows us to deliver outstanding properties for our clients and their needs. Learn more about our real estate services by visiting our website or calling (202) 735-5382.