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7 Tips for Optimal Dental Office Design and Furniture Selection

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    Going to the dentist can bring patients a lot of stress. No one likes having another human being poke around in their mouth while using tools like needles and drills, and that is the patient experience at every dental office in the country.

    Taking some steps to optimize your dental office design and furniture selection can make the facility a far more relaxing place to visit for patients and create a better work environment for staff. All aspects of the space – including the office’s layout, flow, equipment, and furniture – can come together to create an efficient workplace that helps make patients feel less anxious.

    A particular office’s available space, its number of employees, the volume of patients, and the dentist’s scheduling policies influence its design. Efficient office design makes the facility more comfortable for staff and patients alike. This guide will take you through some tips you can use while redesigning and redecorating your dental office.

    Important Dental Office Design Considerations

    There are a few ideas worth exploring before beginning the process of designing the space and selecting furniture. Following these ideas ensures that you don’t make mistakes when ordering furniture or designing workspaces.

    • Offer Privacy
      The dentist’s office is stressful enough for patients without people looking over their shoulders in the waiting or examination room. Creating private spaces for visitors, therefore, is always a good idea. Think about making each examination area into a separate room and creating a waiting room that’s large enough for visitors to spread out.
    • Think About Technology
      Does your office have state-of-the-art dental technology? There’s no better time to upgrade than during your renovation if you aren’t using newer devices. You must remember, however, that your new tools could have different space requirements that you’ll need to include in your measurements while designing the office.
    • Flexible Space
      Creating flexible spaces is crucial in most offices nowadays, because patient needs are constantly evolving. Turning a break room into an overflow waiting area, for example, could ease patients’ nerves on busy days by providing them with more space. More flexibility makes it easier to cater to your patients’ needs.

    Take the time to go over these ideas before starting the dental office design and furniture selection process. You can ensure that your decisions create your desired environment by looking at what your office will need now and in the future.

    Aspirational Dental Office Design

    Tips to Follow While Designing a Dental Office

    Moving through the dental office design process is an exciting experience, but it comes with some pitfalls along the way. Following some tips ensures that you stay on track from start to finish and end up with the ideal office.

    1. Focus on the Patient

    You’re the one putting the money up, of course, but the goal with your dental office design is to make the facility a relaxing place for your patients. Investing in things that you’ll probably never use, such as televisions in the operating room and ergonomic exam chairs, creates a better environment for patients and makes it more likely that they’ll return.

    2. Come Up With a Budget Early

    Don’t wait until after you’re in the middle of your office design to develop a budget. Create a budget early in the process and stick with it to prevent yourself from overspending on the project.

    3. Remember Your Workflow

    Workflow is critical in the dental office because slowing down to look for instruments or having a cramped space where staff are always in each other’s way is counterproductive. Organize the office to make it easy for all employees to find their tools, and create spaces that flow together without creating bottlenecks.

    4. Invest in Nice Furniture

    Furniture might not be the first thing on your mind while designing a dentist’s office, but it is a vital component. The reason is that patients spend a lot of time in the waiting room before every visit, so they’ll want to be comfortable there. Paying just a little more for luxury furniture could create a more relaxing atmosphere that brings patients back.

    5. Space Things Out

    The way you use your space is essential to the office’s overall design. You’ll probably need to use a lot of your available room, but you don’t want the office to look oversaturated. Carefully planning open spaces can make the facility look larger and more luxurious, adding comfort. 

    6. Choose Colors Wisely

    The colors you use in your dental office significantly influence your patients. Calming colors such as blue, green, and tan can ease anxiety, while bold colors such as red can have the opposite effect. Carefully select your paint colors and go with shades that will help create a serene environment.

    7. Get Professional Assistance

    Don’t design your office alone if you don’t have the proper experience. It can be tempting to save a few dollars by handling the design and furniture selection process, but chances are it won’t turn out the way you’ve envisioned, and you’ll find yourself back at square one.

    Following these tips can help put you on the right track as you design your dental office. Looking at the big picture and creating an office that will help grow your business is possible if you have the necessary assistance along the way.

    Contact an Expert for Interior Design and Furniture Selection Assistance

    A professional interior designer can turn your space into the exact dental office you’ve been dreaming of, boosting your image in the process. The Genau Group offers interior design, furniture selection, and furniture brokerage services in the Washington, D.C., area.

    Our design team is dedicated to consulting with you to understand your needs and design the office that represents your business perfectly. Make sure you contact The Genau Group with any questions about dental office design and furniture selection today.